The JCM Manufacturer 3 Year Warranty

What it Covers

The warranty covers all aspects of product failure due to faulty workmanship or manufacturing.

Period of Cover

The period of the warranty runs for 3 years from the date that the product is dispatched.

The Work JCM is Obliged to Complete

JCM’s obligation under this warranty is to replace or repair any defective goods within the period of the warranty free of charge.

What the Warranty Does Not Cover

Items that are damaged or fail due to natural wear and tear, extreme usage, neglect or misuse. Accidental damage, modifications or repairs carried out by a third party unauthorized by JCM or non professional healthcare representative.

Customer Responsibility

To ensure the warranty remains valid, customers are advised that servicing, maintenance and re-issuing guidelines must be followed and documented as stated in the manual. JCM will require proof of service for any warranty claims or orders. When making a claim JCM reserve the right to inspect the product and all necessary documentation. Only valid for products purchased after 1st April 2006. Applies only to products exclusively manufactured by JCM.

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