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Aurora is a 3 in 1 standing frame, which can accommodate a full range from supine, through to upright and prone. Offering a full selection of options and accessories to support functionality and contemporary therapy, plus individual standing needs. All of this can be achieved with one tool for adjustment, supporting a user friendly approach to postural management. The Aurora can be used for children from an early age to support early intervention through to adulthood, accommodating a weight of up to 80kg. With a suite of head, trunk, leg and foot options we can create the perfect postural support for the individual, facilitating true modularity and precision in posture.

• Encourages bone and muscle development
• Improves circulation, respiration and digestive functioning
• Facilitates increased opportunity for function social interaction, social skills, communication and education

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  • The 1 tool, 3-in-1 stander.
  • Easy to convert between Supine, Prone and Upright modes.
  • Smart ergonomics & the smallest footprint in its class.
  • Cost effective, robust and easy to re-issue.
  • Available in 4 sizes; 1, 2, 3, 4  with power and manual options.

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