Aurora: the 1 tool 3 in 1 standing frame

It’s almost a year since we launched the Aurora, and with new accessories and options now being added; we felt it would be a good time to revisit and remind you of the key features of our standing frame so you can see the benefits.

Aurora is a 3 in 1 standing frame, which can accommodate full range from supine, through to upright and prone. Offering a full selection of options and accessories to support functionality and contemporary therapy, plus individual standing needs. All of this can be achieved with one tool for adjustment, supporting a user friendly approach to postural management.

We can use the Aurora for children from an early age to support early intervention through to adulthood, accommodating a weight of 80kg.  With a suite of head, trunk, leg and foot options we can create the perfect postural support for the individual, facilitating true modularity and precision in posture.

The Aurora has a range of anterior supports to achieve an active and dynamic position when in prone, or use the posterior supports in the supine position where poor head or trunk control is an issue, or for low tone.

We’ve now added shoulder protractors and angle adjustment guides to further aid the support management.

Here’s friend of JCM Ryan in Carlisle, after being set up in his shiny new Aurora early this month.

Find out more about Aurora here >>

To arrange a demonstration or book as assessment you can contact us using the following methods: Call: Customer Services on 01733 405830, option 1

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