A day in the life of… Luke Holborough


I have been working with JCM as a product specialist for just over 3 years now, and cover the South West and Wales area.

Prior to this, I did a Ski season in France before going to Cardiff University for 3 years where I left with an Honors Degree in Sports and Exercise Science. After Uni, I worked in a sports coaching and development role, before rupturing my Anterior Cruciate Ligament in my knee for a third time. After my 8th operation on that knee, and 3rd new ACL, it was time to give up a physical job and look elsewhere.

I was lucky enough to come across JCM online, and with my background in anatomy & physiology, and experience working with kids I thought I would give it a try. To be honest, I never imagined I would end up working in a job role like this, but love every minute of it and would not change anything. No two days are ever the same and working alongside such incredible children and helping towards them achieving their full potential is a great feeling for myself, but more importantly the children and their families.

A typical day for me starts with me going to my lock up where i keep all my demo equipment and load up what I need for the day ahead. My first visit is normally around 9.30am and I then spend the rest of the morning visiting children in schools or nurseries. These visits can range from trialling and assessing children in new seating or standing equipment, setting up the new products for them to use, or adjusting and reviewing existing items. Working closely alongside therapists we aim to make the child as comfy as possible whilst maintaining the best functional and non-detrimental position possible.

My afternoon then consists of more visits at schools, or if the child is still too young for this I take our Early Intervention range out to the family’s home to try it out there. The range at JCM covers seating, standing, sleeping and travel equipment so I am kept busy and on my toes most days. After schools finish, I then have a home visit around 4pm where again I team up with a therapist and look at equipment here to provide the postural care needed in the home environment

Product Demonstration & Training Workshops:

Every other week or so one day will be fully booked up with a product demo or a training workshop. The demos involve myself visiting a therapist team to show them a certain product they have asked about or a new item in our range, like Aurora. The workshops are similar but Rachel our Clinical Manager comes along as well to present on clinical theory and conduct training on postural management and the importance of standing. Our workshops all count towards your CPD markers too!

The demos have become very popular recently after the launch of our new Aurora standing frame, and I am enjoying taking the standing frame out to show the therapists and combining our knowledge and experience. I love the product demonstration days and they have proven to be very popular and successful for a few reasons:

What I enjoy about them:

  • Get to meet lots of therapists at once, whether new or familiar faces in a relaxed environment for a good catch up
  • Interact and pick their brains on knowledge and experience
  • Talking about our product range and explaining the benefits that it can have on children
  • Bouncing ideas off each other in regards to certain techniques or problem solving
  • … and a day without much driving!

What the therapists get from them:

  • Learn about a new bit of equipment that they can use, and the benefits and key features that it has
  • Good chance to discuss with peers and provide honest feedback to us
  • Put across ideas for future developments and products that I can take to our research and design team.
  • Hands on training with the equipment, and the chance to physically try it out themselves if they wish to.
  • Go away with pockets full of goodies such as tape measures, pens, drink bottles, etc.

… And if you ask nicely I am known to put on a good spread of food for you all also!
To book an assessment contact Luke on: luke@jcmfactory.co.uk, or call 07713 771220

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